Personal Narrative: Why An Automobile Is Like The Human Body

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To me an automobile is like the human body. They both need their own unique necessities to keep them functioning, they both work different under certain conditions or circumstances. I 've loved cars since I was a little kid, they 've always fascinated me in unexplainable ways. Which drove me to figure out every aspect to them. When someone thinks about automobiles, they really do function like the human body. The heart pumps blood throughout the body to provide energy and life, and the engine pumps fuel throughout the car to provide power and purpose. The lungs help a human breathe in and out, so deoxygenated blood can be formed to oxygenated blood. The Air Intake also breathes in and out for the car. Helping airflow to the pistons and mixing with gasoline to keep the car running. Also, both humans and Automobiles need certain materials to keep them healthy and flowing. For example, cars and need gasoline just like humans need water. And humans go get check ups, to make sure they 're healthy and stronger. Vehicles go get…show more content…
I realized my interests were for automobiles when I visited spent time with my grandpa as a child. I always found myself curious of all his tractors, trucks, cars. They all fascinated me so much, I became obsessed with the functioning of the machines. In my head they were like puzzles, every nook and cranny had a piece too it. And finding that perfect piece is what drove me to figure out cars. Cars inspired me to challenge myself, to think outside the box. How do I fix this? Why would this piece affect another while the car is on? Who came up with the idea to make something like this? These were questions I asked myself as a child, and actually even today. Figuring out how every little piece fits is a life 's goal of mine. I want to become so great at building cars that I could take a whole car apart and put it all back together with my eyes closed. I could repair an exhaust, oil change, and bleed brakes all in under 30

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