Personal Narrative: Why Did My Family Immigrate From Australia To America

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Immigration Narrative
Why did my family immigrate from India and Australia to America? Was it because of: better wages, more land, famine in their land or religious freedom. It was none of these reasons, they moved for one primary reason. In 1961 my grandpa's twin brother started the trend for my family moving here for a higher education. All of this led up to having most of my family and extended family moving to America. Which helped them get successful and gave them a better quality of life. My grand uncle wanted a really good education, and have a better quality of life in the states then that he would ever have in India. In 1961 at the age of 26, my grand uncle was the first person in my family to move to the United States then Boston to teach college. He came on a cargo ship from Australia from studying there for a couple of years. With 20 other passengers going to New York, he and the other passenger got a good room and good food, but it wasn’t all easy for them the trip was bumpy they got seasick often because of that reason. When they arrived in New York they went through the same process at the harbor as people did when they were entering Ellis
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This is her story(she doesn't list her name) she lived in Guadalajara, Mexico as the oldest of 3 siblings living in a poor family with a single mother. Her father died from crime, the week her father died her and her mother decided to try and immigrate to the United States, because they knew it would be safer, they would have better education and better job opportunities (pull factor). The immigration process didn't take as long because they made it quick enough to get before the big crowd and got into the United States. She grew up to be a police officer, wanting to be able to prevent crimes in New York City, so people don't have to go through the same thing she did with her
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