Personal Narrative: Why Did Tim Die

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“Tim Died,” the tears in my eyes grew larger and larger as the information kept sinking in. When my sister, Madison, told me I didn 't believe her it was all unreal, we just saw him and then he died. I had to find out if it was true. I walked outside, and the minute I saw my parents crying I knew. The tears fell from my face, not stopping no matter how hard I tried to stop them. It was May and my family was driving up to my grandma 's house in Saint Joseph, Missouri, like we do almost every weekend. Tim, my uncle, was at the house the same time we got there with his baby Ava. We don 't get to see Ava that often. Terra, her mom lives in Kansas, which is an hour away. This trip was going to be the best, we got to see Ava, I was so thrilled that I could hang out with her. We went shopping at The Legends, an outdoor outlet mall. All of us went shopping and ate at T-Rex cafe. We sat in the part of the restaurant that was themed the Rainforest, every 15 minutes the monkeys, gorillas and the lights would come to life, moving and making loud noises with mist lightly coating us. The volcano in the restaurant went off every 30 minutes and ERUPTED the whole restaurant making it “shake” the colors in the room changed. We all got a dessert to share, it came out with sparklers the chocolate melted the ice cream and made it …show more content…

Finally making it home was welcoming, as I ran to my room to unpack and hang up pictures I took over the weekend. When I went downstairs everything changed. Madison was telling me that Tim had died, the information had hit me like no other. My mom got messages from my grandma of the rope that Tim was sending her. My dad said that the knot won’t hold but have Bob go out there to him incase it does work. Tim called Terra who has his girlfriend at the time right before he committed suicide telling her that he 's sorry, watch and take care of Ava, and that he loves her. In an instance it was all over, his pain that he had for years, but he had hid it

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