Personal Narrative: Why Do People Have To Struggle With Anxiety

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Why do people have to struggle with anxiety? I believe that even people with anxiety have hope. I believe this because, no matter how far i drift from hope, something always brings me back. I am 13, I have brown hair, hazel eyes, im 5 foot 11, and love wearing tee shirts and jeans. You might never guess that there is something wrong with me, but there is. I have anxiety, and it is a horrible struggle every day. All that i want to do at this point in my life is to let others like me know that they are not; and never will be, alone. Before I knew the struggles that I would face every day, I thought that life was supposed to be nonstop recklessness and fun. I now know with all my heart that life isn 't that way, that i have to be careful with what…show more content…
One instance of this was how a few years ago, I got into a fight with some of my friends. I was simply discussing various things (of which now I can 't remember), and joking around. Later that day I don 't know why, but I seemed to be in some sort of a funk, so I made a horrible mistake, I tried to text them. This was because I was angry at the world for me being placed with this issue, I got angry at them for no reason. This caused a period of many months where I felt alone. It was not until I tried to make things up with them that I realized that they missed the old happy me, and that they wanted to make up. This event made me realize that the best thing for people like me is to try to be involved and happy with others. I on several occasions asked my anxiety the same question as Jodi Aman, “why won 't you just leave me alone?” but I knew that getting angry at anything I could would only cause more worry. I also realized that others with this issue are more help then you could ever realize, and that you should always want to accept help from them. Again I ask the question, why do people have to struggle with anxiety? Perhaps we will never know. I encourage everyone who has sat through this to think and try to help others with this issue, and if you struggle with this too, just know that you aren 't alone. People need to know, that with this issue, there is always hope, and that no one will ever have to go through this
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