Personal Narrative: Why Doodles Returned Home Through The Woods

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ile planting my flowers, yesterday, Doodles, the cat, meowed to go outside. I let him out on the deck, thinking I could keep an eye on him while working. Afterall, I know all the areas he visits. Imagine my fear when I didn't see him! My husband and I called, walked the neighborhood, drove around, searched everywhere. But no Doodles. In the photo is a picture of our neighbor's extra 6 car garage where Doodles once visited. I thought he may be behind it. So off I went into the woods. I screamed like a wildwoman when I stepped on a snake den. Scary snakes slithered out all around me. I ran screaming home. My worst fear came true! On the otherhand, after two hours of being gone, Doodles returned home through the woods. I saw him coming. I
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