Personal Narrative: Why I Am Named Ishmael Leseur

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It is a very drafty feeling, I feel like I am not a part of this world. Although I have my theories, I know for a fact the truth of why I am named Ishmael Leseur. When I was just a young child, quite fresh out of the womb you might say, I was not normal. I came out of my mother without shedding a single tear and my doctors knew I was abnormal. All I have every wanted was a normal life and to grow up like an average boy but, people have always treated my as if I am borderline stupid. Which I am not, I mean, at least I do not think I am. Moving on, my parents had decided to name me Ishmael, a rather religious name compared to Ron or Carol or Prue. People have always made fun of me for my name, even my sister. They would call me things like Ish-moron

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