Personal Narrative: Why I Chose Phlebotomy

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Why I Chose Phlebotomy I chose phlebotomy because it seemed to fit me the best in my current situation. The things that presented itself that caused me to take this path was my family, my future, and my brother. Through this essay I will go into more detail on why I chose phlebotomy as my plan of action. My family means everything to me, and I try very hard to be like them. Throughout my family's history everyone has had some sort of medical back ground. So I figured I should fall into place with this as well. From a young age my grandfather would tell me all these elaborate stories about him serving in the army as a field medic; furthermore, he would not hold back any of the gruesome stories from Vietnam in which he encountered. So by this…show more content…
My brother's name is Carson and he is 10! Caron looks up to me a whole bunch, so it is my job as a big brother to show him how it's done. I feel like I have accurately shown his how to be a great student and how to maintain good grades. But now I'm showing his how to be responsible. By taking this class he is starting to understand that his brother has obligations to attend to in order to better himself in life. He notices when I'm gone at class till late at night, and he understands why. I'm doing this to help out with my parents out with the cost of tuition while also putting myself ahead of the game. I hope he is taking is all I'm doing so he'll know that one day he needs to step up and take on the weight of being proactive. So because I love my brother and care about being a good role model I chose phlebotomy as my option. Now you can see why I chose this class. My family means a bunch to me, and I hope to make them proud one day. I have a bright future ahead of me, so I believe this class will be a good stepping stone for my future. Lastly, my brother needs to have a good older brother to look up to and to follow. I chose phlebotomy because it seemed to fit me the best in my current
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