Personal Narrative: Why I Chose To Be A Student Bingham Academy

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Why I Chose to be a Student Bingham Academy When I started my 9th grade year, I had a best friend. Not even a quarter of the way into my school year, they had betrayed me. They lied to me and they lied about me. In one confrontation where I asked for my phone back because they had been using it, they told me that I was useless and that I should kill myself. That was when my parents and I decided that I needed to switch schools. During this time, I started talking to an old friend again. We were best friends in the 6th grade and we didn’t talk much that summer which, consequently, caused us to lose touch. After talking to them again, they had mentioned something about them going to Bingham Academy. Bingham Academy, what was this school that…show more content…
I had a hard time going back to Blackfoot High because of how terrible my life had become while I was there and how much better my life had become in that one day at Bingham Academy. I could’ve decided to go to Firth or Shelly, but my parents and I wanted me to stay in Blackfoot. Due to this desire, I went to Bingham Academy instead. All I knew is that I did not want to stay at Blackfoot High. I did well academically while I studied there, but social pressures are a big deal, especially at my age. Walking around school knowing that my previous friend was telling people that “I was a terrible person” and that I “didn’t deserve friends,” was unquestionably difficult for me to focus in class. I was extremely close to feeling like I was less that a human, more of a nobody that didn’t matter. It’s the next school year, I’m in the 10th grade now, and I am not as depressed as I was. I have friends that I trust and they support me. Really, it’s fantastic here. I’m different, yeah, but I’m accepted here, and I like that. I don’t know anyone that likes to feel left out. Being here has made me less depressed, more confident, and I almost feel like it has made me slightly less socially awkward (due to me having to make new
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