Personal Narrative: Why I Go To College

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Yeshak Pellot College is a very serious topic for many individuals. For some people, it is an open door to a great career or a nice stable life, but for others it is an obstacle that they feel obligated to overcome so that they are successful in life. There are many factors that could influence someone to graduate or not graduate college. Personally, I am definitely going to go to college no matter what. The most common reason people go to college is for a degree. A degree is a very big deal when one is searching for their job or career. When jobs notice that you have a college degree their perspective of you is different than someone who does not have a degree. This is because college graduates are known to have better working…show more content…
The first was why did she go to college? Her response was, “ I wanted to be a teacher but to be one i needed a degree “. The second question was, Are you successful now, because you went to college? Jenny said, “ Yes because I have a better paying job now that I have my degree”. Jenny was then asked, How do you think your life would be different if you had never graduated college? She replied, “ I would probably be working in the old job that I hated and would be sick from the amount of stress it caused her”. The last question she answered was what advice would you give to high school graduates entering college? Jenny said and I quote, “ Do not stop! Finish college no matter what. Try not to get so discouraged and give up because in your hard work you reap the benefit” After the interview I was even more certain that I wanted to attend college. I want to go to college because I want a degree in music. I plan on traveling the world and sharing my gift of music with people from all over the world. Most importantly I want to raise the standard for young colored males and show the world what a young educated male teen like myself can
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