Personal Narrative: Why I Hate Peas

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You might be wondering why I hate peas so much and you might also say they are so good, but here is my story of how I developed a rather irrational hatred of them. When I was four years old on a cool wet September morning I decided I want to go chill like a villain by playing the drums. On a pot in the pantry that my parents had left on the ground. So I walked over to the pot and I started hitting the pot with both hands this had entertained me for a few minutes. Then I found a wooden spoon on the bottom floor of the pantry, but then I grew uninterested with it so I decided to use the old green broom to make it more interesting. With this broom I learned that about potential energy, kinetic energy, gravity, and newton’s third law all in about less than a thousandth of a second. The reason I learned all of that so quickly or really remember it so well is because I happened to get the broom stuck on a six pound can of green peas. I tried to free the broom, but when I did free the broom I knock down a six pound can of peas.…show more content…
During that time my mom had wrapped my finger in a towel and applied pressure above the cut to stop the bleeding or slow it down at least. My dad drove like he always does all casually like. For him there is no big deal of seeing your child finger cut to the bone and bleeding profusely in the back of his car. While on the other hand my mother was freaking out. Once they got me to the doctor’s office which truly felt like an eternity thanks to the pain. They signed me in and thankfully they told us we cannot take care of this kind of medical emergency. So they sent us off to a nearby hospital luckily the nurse from the doctor’s offices notified them that we were coming so when I got it they only took 15 minutes to see me in the emergency room. So when I finally got a doctor to see me they had to go give me twenty-five stitches or so then they had to go put it in a cast for a few
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