Personal Narrative: Why I Love Football

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Something that I am most fluent in has to be football. Many people love NFL football, but for it to be loved by woman, that is very odd. I often get funny looks by men, thinking she’s a girl, how can she love football this much? Most girls can 't tell you what just happened in a play, but I assure you I can. For years I loved football, but it was about sixth grade when I first started to like it. My dad was really into it, he 'd watch it every Sunday, Monday or Thursday whenever the Pittsburgh Steelers played. I used to hate it so much. The games were always so long, and all I wanted to do was play with my dad but he would get mad if I even talked. But that 's how almost every football fan is. For me, it was a tad bit boring. But now, it is…show more content…
We went to a fan blitz about two years ago. The fan blitz is an event held at Heinz field, where the steelers home field is. They have former and current players signing autographs. We get to walk out on the field where they have many different events such as, people throwing and practicing kicking a football, a picture booth with a bunch of Steeler decorations, and many other events. They took us on a tour all around the stadium, even in the locker room. It was huge, and it stunk like a pair of old dirty socks. But that was very exciting, knowing they get ready in that same room before every home game. On our way there was a feeling I can 't ever describe. Going through that tunnel, seeing and going across the big yellow bridge, then I’m looking to my left, and seeing the stadium was breathtaking. My stomach was in a huge knot. When we walked inside it was incredible. My sister and I was overjoyed. After we got settled in we went upstairs hoping, to see some of the players and get stuff signed by them. Shaun Suisham, The Steelers former kicker until he tore his ACL, was there. When I saw him, my mind was in another world it was the best feeling ever. Both my sister and I have steeler hats signed by him. That day was the best day ever, that is until we get to go
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