Personal Narrative: Why I Love Sports

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When I was in kindergarten I knew I wanted to be a athlete because I was playing softball and I loved the game.

I as I got older I started playing other sports. When I was in second grade I started playing soccer and I loved it. I was playing soccer and softball it was super fun!! I loved being active. I always had practice and games. I love meeting my goals I set for myself and doing things I never thought I could do.

Now when I was in third grade I started playing volleyball, softball and soccer. Volleyball is really different then any sport I 've played. But I realized how good I was for never playing before. I was really surprised with myself for being really good for never playing before. I learned the technique and the rules really quickly.
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I thought about it a lot and I kept going back and forth between volleyball and softball. I finally choose volleyball. I tried out for the middle school team and I made it. I 'm glad I made the choice for volleyball because I love the game.

I 'm in 8th grade now and I tried out for the volleyball team again and I made the team again. I 'm very excited for this year season. Since we are older there 's going to be more going on. Hopefully we will be undefeated again this year.

In conclusion I love playing sports and there 's not always going to be a easy choice of which sports you wanna play starting young is good so you can choose later on down th
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