Personal Narrative: Why I Volunteer For The CBCF

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I volunteered for CBCF, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at the CIBC Run the Cure event. This event took place near the University of Toronto St. George Campus, in downtown Toronto. I volunteered for the CBCF last year on October 3rd. The reason why I wanted to volunteer for this organization is because I wanted to raise awareness about a good cause along with my friends. While I was volunteering, my main role was to answer the questions of the marathon runners and other people at the event. The volunteer organizers gave us maps to help answer any questions that we were asked. For instance, if a marathon runner asked me where a certain place was, I would look at my map and give him directions. One pro about my volunteer experience is that I enjoyed the satisfaction and feeling of helping someone out. However, a con about my experience is that, the day I volunteered, it was very cold and windy. In addition, I had to wake up really early in the morning, around 4AM to catch a bus downtown.…show more content…
This is significant because by volunteering, it allows me to make a difference and contribute to my community. In addition, I have the ability to experience and interact with more people outside of my neighborhood. Finally, my volunteer work relates to my citizen responsibilities because I can help others in my community. Volunteering at the CIBC Run for the Cure demonstrates global citizenship because I’m practicing important characteristics of a global citizen. For instance, by helping others and taking action, I am raising awareness. In addition, I demonstrate global citizenship because I’m supporting a serious cause and by doing this, it may influence others to support this cause, whether it be by volunteering or raising awareness through things such as PSA’s or

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