Personal Narrative: Why Not To Start School

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What were you doing when you were 3? When I was 3 I wasn’t in school,but normally a child that young would be.Instead, I was watching cartoons, making a mess, and eating snacks.What I should’ve been doing was going to school, but me as a kid, I wasn’t a fast learner, I did know my ABC’s but, I didn’t learn them fast.It took me a month to figure out what comes after be and what comes after c.

One reason kids should not start school at early ages is, most kids are not fast learners.Evidence of this is, if a kid who is good, smart, and healthy and know what to do why don 't they want to learn, why do you push them.But if it comes to a kid who has mental disabilities, they are the ones who do want to learn and succeed but don 't get as
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One teacher is responsible for teaching 30 to 40 students, from the youngest to the oldest.But why is there a separate class with the kids who need more help they are the same people same person, those kids who are separated probably have a lot of common but, no we are separated by age, grade level, and are intelligent. Those who disagree, believe kids are not well educated at the age 2 or 3. The reasoning is most children don 't like to pay attention, obey their own parents, and to not listen.Parents want their children to attend school, have good grades, and graduate, not all kids like to be pushed they will like the way they do, yeah they can flunk or get involved with the wrong people.Was it because of the parents, or was it because they just didn’t learn.

The real question is when do you think you should start school?Should a child at age 3 go to school or age 4.At age 3 a child that young should know how to do some stuff, at age 4 a kid should know how to at least know their ABC’s and know how to listen and know when to stop or pay attention.That’s why a child that young should not start school at an early
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