Personal Narrative-Win World Series

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My home baseball team didn’t win the world series in a 108 years. I said to myself this is the year it’s all going to go down. The Chicago cubs made it so far in the season this year and worked so hard they finally made it into the world series. I watched all the games in the series that each had their ups and downs, but not one of them was as big of a nail biter as this one. It had all come down to this game. The winner would take home the world series championship.
So far, the cubs had a 3 point lead in the game and Chicago was very confident they were going to win. I got up and started cheering because I knew the whole city would be celebrating after the victory. My favorite sports team would finally have their time in the spotlight. This game would go down in baseball history. Headlines all around the nation would read “Cubs Win World Series After 108 Years of Hard Work and Dedication.” My heart was filled with excitement. All that stopped us from winning was if Chapman hit a homerun. The pitcher threw the ball with all the force he had in his hand and it collided directly with the bat. Chapman ran to first base, darted
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This could be the pitch that finally made the cubs the world series champions. Waiting for the pitcher to swing his arm and fling the ball into the air was like awaiting a death sentence. I couldn’t watch. The pitcher swung his arm back and flung the ball into the air. The batter swung his bat forcefully and hit the baseball. We watched the tv like a hawk as the player ran around the field to first, second, and third base winning the game. I jumped out of my seat and screamed. The cubs had just won the world series. Was it true? Soon all of our eyes that had been sleepy and tired were wide open watching the reactions of all the dedicated players. Everyone’s face carried a wide smile as we celebrated the victory we had been waiting for the whole
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