Personal Narrative: Winnie The Pooh Pets

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I was awakened by the crowing of my grandparent's rooster. My grandparents lived on a small farm, and had a few farm animals like chicken and roosters. I sat up in bed, rubbing my eyes tirelessly, and noticed that my grandmother’s room, which was usually bright in the morning, was a bit dark. I guessed that it was still early in the morning, but I wanted to check, so I got out of the bed and walked to where my grandmother’s white curtain was. I pulled back the curtain to look outside and confirmed my guess. It was still dark outside, and too early for me to be up and out of bed, so I decided to go back to bed, and sleep for a couple more hours. As I was going back to the bed, I smelled the delightful scent of my grandmother's cooking, so I…show more content…
I walked to the closet and changed out of my pink, Winnie the Pooh pajamas, to much less comfortable clothes. As I looked up, I saw what looked like a dark brown box on the top shelf of my grandmother's closet. I realized that I had never seen this box before in my grandmother's closet. She only kept her clothing and shoes in there, so I was curious to know what was in it. I looked around for something that would help me reach the box and found a long chair that would make me tall enough to reach it. I grabbed the chair, and slowly climbed it, careful not to fall. After fully standing on the chair, I was finally tall enough to reach the box, so I grabbed it and took a look at it. It was a beautifully carved brown box with a lock on it. I tried to open it, but I realized it wasn't possible without having the key. I decided to ask my grandmother about it later, so I put the box back to where it was, and headed out of the bedroom and to the kitchen where my grandmother was. As I walked into the kitchen, I found my two cousins, Noor and Anwar, sitting on the chairs next to my grandmother’s kitchen…show more content…
I took the seat that was opposite to my cousins’, and tried to wait patiently until my grandmother finished cooking. While waiting, I wanted to ask her about the box that I found in her closet. I wanted to know what was in it, but I saw that the food was ready, so I decided that it wasn't the best time to ask her about it. As I was eating, all I was thinking about was the box. I was curious about why she had it in her closet, and why it was locked. I imagined all sorts of things of what it could have in it, and I hardly contained myself from asking my grandmother about it. I looked at my grandmother, deciding what would be the best way to ask her. But then I thought about the possibility of my grandmother getting angry at me and punishing me for going through her closet. My grandmother was a very kind person, but she was also very strict. She believed that bad behavior needs to be punished, so it would not be repeated. One time my cousins had to stay with her for two months because my uncle and his wife had to travel. Noor lied to Nana (what we called our grandmother) about her test’s grade, and Nana punished Noor for the rest of time that she had stayed with her. So, I realized that she wouldn’t hesitate to punish me if she found out that I went through her closet. Although I found the box by accident, I still chose to grab the chair and reach for it, and I knew that she wouldn't like my
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