Personal Narrative: Wonder, August

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Going to a new school is tough going to multiple schools is tougher. In the book Wonder, August feels what it’s like to be the new kid at school; I could totally relate to this, as I have gone to many schools and experienced the dread and anticipation that goes along with it. August is transferring in to a school instead of getting home schooled, I have never been home schooled but I have been moved across country from Hawaii to South Carolina. It was a huge transition because I wasn't used to the different people. I was a little first grader in a huge school filled to the brim with first to eighth graders, so I didn’t know how to act yet. I caught along quickly and was understanding all my subjects and the work part of school was no problem. It was the social part of the school that I struggled in. I was like august, didn’t know who to talk to or what people would say to me and how i would respond. Like august’s I had someone that picked on me and acted nice around other people like they would never do anything wrong, I decided against telling my parents about it first thinking I could deal…show more content…
Although there was a big fight between us because like Jack from Wonder he talked behind my back I didn't know if he meant it or not, but it was a big deal. I didn't talk to him for a few months and nor did I ever want to, because what he said that he doesn't really like me as a friend and he wish I would stop trying to be his friend got to me and I was sad. After a while it came to a point that I had to speak with him so I said that I was hurt and wanted to know if he meant what he said he said no and the only reason he said it because he wanted to impress some older guy that he knew. So me and August are similar in a way that being the new kid is
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