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Wong Tai-Sen Taoism Center is a Chinese temple for thousands of Buddhist pilgrims across California. I enjoy going to the temple on every Chinese new year’s eve. Located in the center of Monterey Park, Wont Tai-Sen Temple, in the distance, reveals its mystical cosmological laws which is believed to control the working of the universe and the harmony between “heaven” and earth. As I drive toward the gates, I am mentally ready for such a huge Chinese new year ceremony and some very unique feelings of serenity and purity Wong Tai Sen can offer.
New year’s eve is just a few minutes shy while I am still in line waiting to get into the temple. It is late at night, and the winter really claims its power. A cold breeze causes many children, women, and men nonstop rubbing their hands and children are gently hopping around their parents as though they were in a slow dancing class. The winter’s breeze is getting more viciously cold, but every pilgrims shows no signs of surrender and on the other hand, they are all excited making some good jokes and all I can hear is all laughter radiated around the vicinity.
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I make a way out of the temple and immediately join the flow of slowly moving pilgrims to several food stands outside the gates. After a good worship and chanting, pilgrims are ready for some special vegan food on the new year. Laughter once again fills the serenity by kids and adults who are exchanging new year’s wishes to one another. Chinese music starts to play, and some of the pilgrims join in the sing as well. Kids are clapping their hands trying to mimic the song while there are a few adult females are trickling down few drops of tears sensing that their families are safe, fulfilled and that they are blessed by Buddha. Happily, I make my walk back to the car, knowing every pilgrim will go home with wonderful and unforgettable memories made at the Wong Tai Sen

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