Personal Narrative: Words Can Hurt

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Words Can Hurt
Bombarded by the bullies and lies, it all started in 6th grade by being called a “slut” from my so called friends. I would go home after school to be put down once again, I was “dumb” according to my family. By then I had no faith in myself and the world came crashing down on me. I was getting D’s and F’s in school. I would go home and lock myself in my room trying to get away fro the name calling but that didn’t help. 7th grade came along and I was “whore and ugly” by my school mates, and “loser and dumb” from my family. By this time I was used to being called names and thought depression was normal.
It was the summer of 7th grade, I was going into 8th grade and decided that I want to transfer schools to try to help this problem I was going through. Summer ended, school started and so did the name calling. By this point I was fed up with everything. So pissed off at the world I spend days crying. Until one day I thought of turning those rumors around. I was trying to succeed in school, my goal in 8th grade was to get all A’s and B’s. 3rd trimester of 8th grade rolled around and I fulfilled my goal. I had five A’s and one B.
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Still striving for excellence. I finished my first trimester with a 4.0. That 's right, all A’s! My family no longer call me “dumb and stupid” and I 'm not longer called any names from people in school. I joined the North Eugene Wrestling team. Trying to have time for academics, sports, and friends is a huge challenge, but I know I can do it. 2nd trimester into school and I got a knee injury leaving me off the wrestling team temporarily.
So yes, words do hurt, very badly in fact. Even though I had a very challenging time my middle school years, I turned it around and used my perseverance to prove everyone wrong. At times I feel like giving up but I know it will help so much when I get into college and continue my 4.0
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