Personal Narrative: Words Of Tupac Shakur

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“ I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, theres a bright day after that, So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out keep your head up and handle it” Words of Tupac Shakur. I’m 19 years old and my life has been a roller coaster. Ive had some good times but mostly bad times. Im at a point in life where I want to start fresh and better my life.. What i learned the past two years in college not to stay in the past, learn who i am as a person, and becoming a man. Coming into college I would always bring up my past in high school whether it was good or bad. When ever someone made a comment to me or asked me about something i would always refer back to high school. In the beginning of football season my freshmen year Coach asked “If i was ready for the season? ” I responded “of…show more content…
Thats the question i ask my self everyday these past couple of months. I feel as if I never made my own decisions in life. I always depended on my guardians and others to help make my decisions . It’s good to get help from others to make decisions but not all the time. There were time where I would like to do certain things and i would ask a friend how they felt about it and if they negatively commented I would automatically change my mind , there would be parties I would not want to go to but the people i surrounded my self around wanted to go I would force my self to go. Everything I did these past two years in college have been based on what others thought of me and that had to change. “Its time to grow up”I tell my self . Learning who i am is what taught me what it takes to be a man. A man in my brain is a boy or teenager that learns what it takes to better your self in life . A man does not speak on what you want to do in life you just do it. A man will fight through adversity because everyone in life goes through things but it matters how you handle your situation and how you will improve to do better in
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