Personal Narrative: Working At Pixar

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This is it; there is no going back now. I was trembling from the nervousness and the anxiety that awaits me beyond those doors. I attempted to look around to try to unwind, and I recognize all the characters from my childhood. I remember how much I worked to prepare for this moment, but there still paranoia lurking inside of my head. Then, I see a formally dressed woman call me into those doors for an interview for my possible future employer. I can feel my palms get clammy as I tense up. I sit down with a manager of this building, I introduced myself, and then he started asking me questions. Even though they were questions about academic achievements and experience; it felt like I was being interrogated because of how nervous I was. I answered…show more content…
Before I came to Pixar, I already knew that it was more than just drawing on a program, but it was more collaborative than I expected. Most days I really want to work alone, but I have to participate in group activities most of the time. Additionally, Pixar is a lot less formal than I expected, they actually want you to do fun and joke around most of the time. That is why they have things such as game rooms, and entertaining work environments. Working with co-workers is not that bad, there are many interesting personalities, but many times I would love to work alone. Lastly, something I did not expect is that you have to physically act out your characters. I actually love to do this! It is probably one of my favorite things to do. I have learned many things from working at Pixar. The collaborative projects helped me on my social skills when working with others, and actually enjoy doing it now. Additionally, my career has taught me to be more lively from acting out character and the work environment in general. As a ponder my work experiences, my manager comes up to me and states, “You have been doing a great job, make sure to keep up the work!” I could not be more overjoyed. I cannot wait for work
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