Personal Narrative: Working At Saltworks

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Working at Saltworks is never boring to say the least. We are constantly busy like most other local breakfast and lunch spots in Wilmington. We also have a variety customers, from couples and their screaming babies to eighty year old ladies that order the same meal every day. As a hostess, I coordinate service and ensure smooth transition to accommodate the customers and staff. I am the first employee to interact with customers when they walk in the door; therefore giving the first impression of the restaurant. This is an extremely important role. Genuine politeness and patience are crucial skills when keeping customers satisfied. I am typically great at customer service and never have any issues calming bitter customers. However, one seemingly…show more content…
I could not contain myself and the awkward tension was clearly noticeable. I told her I was sorry and changed the subject by asking if she wanted anything to drink. She immediately started crying hysterically and screaming that she needed to find her deceased husband here at saltworks. The other staff and customers in the restaurant were all extremely confused and none of us knew how to handle the situation. I was just waiting for a camera man to pop out and tell us we had been pranked for some crazy reality TV show. However, this women was completely serious. She then gasped and began to hug and kiss the air, now weeping. She told us she had found him and walked out of the restaurant with her arm around the air as if there was someone there. This was an extremely uncomfortable situation and I handled it awkwardly. I should have confronted the situation and brought it to the attention of my boss and other staff. I overestimated my power to control the situation alone and with the collaboration and communication of my coworkers and I together we could have prevented the huge scene that disrupted all of the other customers pleasant
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