Personal Narrative: Working With Mrs. Giannotti's Class

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Throughout my time, so far, working with Miss. Giannotti’s class at the elementary school, I have been given a wide range of jobs and responsibilities. I’ve been given tasks that range anywhere from interacting with the children, such as leading in games and reading stories, to things that are inherently teacher-like responsibilities, such as making copies and creating a bulletin board. Of the things I’ve done in the time I’ve been with my class so far, many of them I’ve enjoyed, even, to my surprise, the seemingly mundane jobs. I love interacting with the kids. One of my favorite, and most common, jobs is to sit at a yellow table in the corner and help the students as they come to me with questions. This allows me to spend time with them and…show more content…
Firstly, leaving. Some days it feels like the time we have with our classes just isn’t nearly long enough. Some times, when I’ve been given specific tasks, even though I know that Miss. Giannotti wouldn’t mind letting me finish them up later, I end up feeling rushed because I want to get done what was asked of me. On some days I end up staying over just to spend more time with my class or participate in an activity I would have missed. The seeming lack of time we have with our classes is one of the unpleasant things. Another thing I have a hard time with is discipline. I find myself not knowing what is most effective to say and how to handle each situation with different repercussions. In addition, I simply find myself too fond of the children to want to discipline them. This takes me to my next unpleasant experience. Sometimes, when a kid is misbehaving or upset, and I am clueless, I find myself feeling helpless, and relying on Miss. Giannotti to resolve the situation. I understand that it is a part of her role to demonstrate to me how to take care of a situation and it is her duty as a teacher to fix things as quickly and efficiently as possible, but I wish I could do more to help at those times. A part of this is not knowing how best to get the kids to follow my instructions and directions. However, to make things easier on me, I’d like to think that the students in my class have taking a liking to me and listen to me very well. Fourth, I can’t stand the times where I find myself sitting stationary. Most of the time in the classroom, I am up, walking, moving. However, there are times that require me to sit still and work. While I may like the tasks I do sitting down, after sitting still throughout the rest of my school day, I find relief in being able to move freely around the classroom. Lastly, laminating. The process required isn’t exactly laborious or difficult,
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