Personal Narrative: Working Without Mr. Lapham

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Today is Sunday and Mrs. Lapham made me work without Mr. Lapham knowing. He would have been so mad if he had found out I did not obey the sabbath, but I had to finish the basin for Mr. Hancock. He is one of the wealthiest people in Boston and we need the business. Mr. Lapham never keeps track of when the customer wants the product done. I am always rushing around to get things done and keep him on track. Mr. Hancock wants the basin done by tomorrow morning and to get it done in time I had to work today. As I was working on it today I was about to get the melted silver with the crucible until something went terribly wrong. The crucible my work partner, Dove, gave me was cracked. Of course I did not notice the damaged tool and or Dove snickering
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