Personal Narrative-Yorktown Golf Course

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Do you ever have that moment in your life where you put everything aside a focus on one thing? The date was September 14th, the golf tournament at Yorktown Golf Course. I had been waiting for this tournament all year. This was my chance to put all that I have worked on for weeks into full effect. All I could think about was a medal and how much I really wanted it. This was my chance to have something that would really raise my confidence. Since the beginning of the season I had wanted to play in this tournament, but I knew to get there it would take a lot of grit and perseverance. My coach could only take 6 boys to this tournament so he was gonna take the best possible to good as a team. I would have to practice as much as possible to prove …show more content…

As the time of us teeing off grew closer I became more nervous and more nervous. While walking up to take my first shot my adrenaline was flowing. I addressed the ball, took a deep breath, said to myself “Just do you Noah!” I Swung the club and “SMACK” the golf ball connected with the face of the club. The ball zoomed through the air and onto the green. I knew from there it was bound to be a good day. At the end of the round I ended up with a 63.
As all the other golfers finished up they called us all into the clubhouse for the reward ceremony. My coach told me I was in the running to get a medal, I was ecstatic this is what I’ve wanted. The announcer started announcing the top 15 scores to come and receive their award. As the announcer went down the list, I hadn’t heard my name yet and when he got to the 8th place award my name was called, all my hard work had paid off.
At first going into the tournament I was very nervous, But after I was proud of myself for setting a goal and completing it. This experience taught me to not doubt myself going into something because, I thought that the outcome wouldn't be the way it

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