Personal Narrative: You Can Grow Your Brain

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Have you ever wanted to learn something new? Researchers have done recent studies that the brain is just like our muscles. They did an experiment on monkeys because they are similar to us, humans. They found that the monkeys who were active and associating with other monkeys, that their brain is much bigger than those who are alone and not very active. If you continuously practice something, your brain gets larger and if you do not, then it will shrink and get weaker. Effort, good strategies, and help from others are the three steps to grow your brain. Most of the time you cannot automatically know how to do a certain activity without putting in the effort and practicing it. We are not born “smart” or “dumb”. We just have to apply…show more content…
I will be getting “smarter” in my weaker subjects of college whether it be, math, science, history, or language. For example, I am not so great at history and if I stick to the effort, strategies, and help, I can grow in being better and more knowledgeable in history. It is never too late to learn something new. If I use these steps to my advantage, I will be successful in college. I can accomplish my goals with the help of the three steps I learned. If I do not have someone pushing me and helping me, I most likely will not follow through with it. One of my main goals in life is to have a nursing degree. If I give a hundred percent effort and use advice that my teachers and friends give me, then I can achieve this goal and all of my other future goals that life throws my way. This article has given me many pointers on how to be successful in my life. Do not let anyone classify yourself as “smart” or “dumb” because you can be who you want to be. Nobody is dumb, they are just not trying hard enough. As it says in "You Can Grow Your Brain","At first, no one can read or solve equations. But with practice, they can learn to do it." Have you ever thought of it like that? Just remember, anyone can grow his or her
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