Personal Narrative: Young Living Essential Oil

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We are embarking on our first big trip with our daughters, in 7 days. Disney World, here we come. What does this mean to me? It means the usual writing of lists, laundry, packing and planning, and it also means using more Young Living Thieves Essential Oil blend, than normal. Nothing quite as horrific, than being sick on a trip. A trip that is once in a lifetime and costing you a lot of money. In the past, a trip with just my husband, almost always meant an ear infection days prior to our outbound flight. Nothing worse than aching ears during a flight. When we took the girls on their first airplane trip, a year ago, both girls developed the sniffles days prior to take off. I diffused Thieves for two nights, forgoing Peace and Calming, hoping my fears for my daughter, with special needs, would 't happen due to an earache rather than nervousness, my fears that brought me to Young Living Essential Oils, in the first place. By the morning of take off, we were all healthy, and remained so, for the duration of the short trip.…show more content…
Traveling light and wanting my essential oils in my bag or carryon, isn 't a problem with TSA. Limited to bottles less than 3.4 fluid ounces, allows me to take my full 5ml bottles of Young Living Essential Oils. I pack them in a clear quart sized bag, allowing security to see what they are, and ask questions, if they need to. Usually, they are intersted in what the oils are for, rather than whether they are a risk. Must remember to take a few business
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