Personal Narrative-Zacchaeus A Little Man

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Zacchaeus A Little Man I attended the State Fair with friends and as we were walking down the midway, outside one of the tents, there was a large billboard with the image of a small horse standing beneath a dog, with the caption: “WORLDS SMALLEST HORSE---small enough to walk under a dog”. Now, I knew that commonly “Sideshows” at the fair were hoaxes, but I loved horses and I wanted to see that little horse. My friends waited, while I paid the price of admission and went behind the curtain. There in my gaze was a beautiful baby Shetland pony and in the same pen with the pony I saw largest and tallest dog I had ever seen in all of my life. When I came out of the booth my friends ask me, “Well, what about the little horse?” I said, “Oh…show more content…
(I Chronicles 1:1ff). 2] Christian men and women may work in non-Christian environments and still live a life pleasing to God. 3] The only time Jesus invited himself into another’s house; it was the house of a sinner who was out of communion with God. 4] Zacchaeus was a hated outcast of the people, whom they accused of being dishonest, but Jesus saw his heart. 5] No matter whom you are or what other folks may think about you, the Lord loves you and is interested in you. Mistakes had been made by Zacchaeus. He had not lived completely acceptable to God; however, he righted the wrongs and was accepted by the Lord. The people of Jericho were shocked that Jesus would even associate with Zacchaeus and they called Him a friend of sinners. But, Jesus’ response to those who complained was, “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.” (Luke 19:10) Jesus did not shun sinners. Rather, He loved them and encouraged them to live purer lives. When Jesus left Jericho, He went to Jerusalem and was killed a short time later; therefore, that was Zacchaeus’ last opportunity to make matters right with the Lord and every opportunity you have could be your
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