Personal Narrative: Zach

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One day Garret and I were going to one of the soccer game to watch our friends play soccer. We were watching the game and we noticed that Zach wasn 't having good sportsmanship and started to trip Jody. Then we saw Jody fall and everyone started to laugh and Jodys knees were all scraped up and he was in a lot of pain. The coach called out west in and he said that Zach did it. Zach came over to the coach and realized that he was going to be kicked of the team for having bad sportsmanship. Westin went over and over and told the coach that he was the one that tripped Jody because he is one of the best players and knew that he wouldn 't kick out his most valuable player. Zach was so glad that he wasn 't kicked off the team and then he

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