Personal Narrative: Zombie Apocalypse

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About- Zombie Apocalypse from a childs perspective

I expected it to just be another normal day. Wake up, eat, go to school, do my homework, then go to sleep again. Nope, this was as far from a normal day that you could get. People think I don’t understand much as a child, but I know more than what they think. I know it’s the end of the world. Everything is happening like it would in a movie, cannibals, blood, guts, tears, and in general, just chaos erupting everywhere.

Violet, my sister, is infected, but my mom doesn’t want to let her go. I know that once she turns, it’s game over for us. I may only be 11, but I know I need to run before it’s too late. I think back to how Violet was bit.

She’s only eight,
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Before I know it, tears are rolling down my face so fast that my vision is blurred. Earlier I just felt the numbness of the situation, but now the aftershock has came around. I shove every can and bottle I find into my bag until it was half way full, realizing something. Violet was bit. She was bit by a zombie. That means the undead creature may be around still. If on cue, a groan started ringing out. I quickly located the knife set we had in our kitchen, picking out the big butcher knife. Gripping it tightly, I closed my eyes, remembering what my dad said whenever we watched a zombie show. "Swing at the head Ivy."

Opening my eyes, still gripping the knife, I look around the kitchen. Dodging cans, bowls, and bottles, I peek around the corner to the living room. Seeing nothing there, I head to the last room downstairs, the laundry room. Realization dawned upon me, my dogs sleep in there. Running at full speed towards the laundry room, I stop at my dad's dead body at the base of the stairs. Quickly squatting down, I stabbed him in the head, just to be safe. The moan is louder now, and I figure out that the sound is coming from the stairs. Looking up, I see the creature making all the
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