Personal Narrative: Zombie Cowgirls

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In 2010 I was a zombie cowgirl for Halloween.I went trick or treating with my mom and my brother,Antone.We started trick or treating at our friend's house,then we went up the hill.I was seeing shadows, I was very scared that night, that weren’t there.The seven year old me was not ok with the night. After, we went back to our friends house to switch out candy. When we got there, there was at least ten kids there. My friend had came to trick or treat with their families too. Finally, we were ready to leave but when we started to back up we heard CRUNCH.We hit someone's car.We got in a car accident, it wasn’t to bad, no one got hurt.While I started to think of the dangers of the situation(that's what I do) it started to rain.We sat in the rain waiting for someone to help us.My costume was messed up, my makeup was running down my face and then the scabs were gone.By now I probably looked like a real zombie.…show more content…
Eventually, our grandma came to take us home. My mom had to stay there with the person’s car until they got there.When the person came they were nice about it. They asked if everyone was ok and if anyone was hurt.That was the best Halloween ever ,first of all because my mom was going crazy and second of all we got a lot of
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