Personal Narrativetive: Amelia Earhart Narrative

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Amelia Earhart Narrative “Oh, horsefeathers... I lost him,” a loud voice from the living room declared. “What? Horse feathers? Who did you lose?” Elisabeth yelled before abandoning the cottage pie she was heating up in the microwave, dashing into the living room of her shared apartment to find Amelia Earhart crouched on the ground. “Oh, just the little critter that lives in there,” Amelia tilted her head of wild, auburn curls towards the hamster cage. Elisabeth 's face went white. "Rufus?” “I 'm sure he 'll come back around sometime..." Elisabeth sighed. Having read almost every biography ever published about Amelia Earhart, she was well aware of what a character Lady Lindy was - but she didn 't think she would be such a handful. Perhaps she should have thought more carefully about bringing Amelia back from 1937, but she had been…show more content…
Once they arrived at the pet shop, Elisabeth immediately busied herself with finding the cheapest cage for the substitute hamster until she heard a little boy’s voice: “Mum! Who is that?” “She looks like she’s had a few too many,” said another voice. “Why is she making finger guns at the rats?” Elisabeth whirled around to find, to her horror, Amelia pretending to shoot the rats, which were scampering about in a frenzy. “I remembered something,” Amelia grinned up at Elisabeth to reveal the gap between her front teeth. “I used to shoot critters like these with a rifle.” Elisabeth took a long, dismayed glance at Amelia, and then the crowd of disgusted customers and store clerks. If that was all Amelia remembered, chances were slim that she recalled anything about flying at all! “I don’t think rats would make the best pets for you,” a store clerk frowned at Amelia. “Maybe you should consider goldfish.” “I think we’re all right, cheers,” Elisabeth faked a smile, rushing Amelia out. Clearly, there was little she could do with this woman around – how on earth was she supposed to learn how to pass her pilot exam from

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