Personal Nursing Philosophy Essay

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing In an attempt to further understand the practice of nursing, I have developed a personal philosophy. The foundation of this philosophy is based on multiple pre-established nursing models and theories, with my own perceptions of the metaparadigm concepts. This philosophy will explain what nursing is to me and its overall importance as a practice. Foundational Nursing Theories I agree with the Systems Theory in that people are constantly interacting with their environment, and any single change in a system can affect it as a whole. The purpose of nursing, is explained well in the Theory of Goal Attainment. It is focused on setting appropriate goals to help people maintain health. The Caring Theory, describes the…show more content…
A person is in need of nursing care when they experience any deficiency of health, in the internal or external environment. Nursing is actively caring for the physical, mental, emotional, and social state of a person, and their perception of their external environment. Personal Philosophy Nursing is the art of holistically caring for a human being. Humans want to be cared for in order to maintain healthiness, but interaction with the environment can change their health status due to many different variables. The act of nursing helps people to achieve this goal comfortably and appropriately. Caring for a person through action, relationally, and improving health and is the ultimate role of a nurse. Conclusion Nursing plays an important role in maintaining the health of human beings. This role requires that a person be understanding of human beings individually and as a whole, the environment in which we survive, the meaning of health and how to maintain it, and how to be caring. These concepts have shaped my philosophy, which I will use as a guideline to practice nursing by, and as I advance my knowledge of nursing, I will be able to expand upon
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