Nursing Paradigm Analysis

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Personal nursing philosophy and nursing practice are the result of studying and implementation of nursing philosophy. The nature and essence of the profession of nurses are studied and described. It is also known that right relationship with patients and their family is crucial in creation a positive atmosphere and establishing friendly relations during treatment for the good results. It is important to be open and sympathetic with patient as well as with other medical stuff. This paper will define the nursing paradigm and describe personal nursing philosophy as well as nursing background. Additionally, it will focus on the practice – specific concepts and propositions.
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Although each conceptual model connects and defines 4 metaparadigm differently, though there are four concepts in each model. The basic concepts of nursing are person, environment, health, and nursing. These concepts are characterized as “the person receiving the nursing, the environment within which the person exists, the health—illness continuum within which the person falls at the interaction with the nurse, and nursing actions themselves” (Masters, 2015). The environment includes social beliefs, values, customs, expectations, circumstances that affect person. It is an energy field, which in the combination with the energy of man is interpreted as the basis where the patient faces aesthetic beauty, care, and threats to health. The health is affected not only by cultural, historical, psychological and physical factors, but also by political and economic issues of the world. The environment plays an important role in restoring the patient’s health and supports him or her during the recovery. The required environmental components known as the “health of houses”, and outline factors of the physical environment which must receive attention” (The four metaparadigm, 2013). The main principle of supporting health is the placement of patient in the environment that affect him or her in the best way. Additionally, environment that promotes health, allows the patient to save energy and…show more content…
It is only to feel well, but also to use the life forcefully. Perception of health has to combine the understanding of diseases and the capacity to stay healthy. Man knows little about the principles of health; however, it is the experience of adequacy between the opportunities and realities that is based on caring. Illness is perceived as the experience of loss and the lack of comfort. There are five factors of health, including “pure air, pure water, efficient drainage, cleanliness and light” (The four metaparadigm, 2013). The interaction between people and their environment is the level of health.
The patient is one more element of metaparadigm and it is a person who receives assistance. The patient is a person who combines psychological, biological, spiritual and social factors. The biological factor is shown by the use of medicine and patient care to combat the disease. Psychological and social embody self-esteem; feelings and spiritual factors are the beliefs of the patient, which she or she respects. The concept of patient is based on integrations of these four factors and their

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