Five Values Of Nursing

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5 CONCEPT- 5 VALUES OF NURSING This concept is chosen from the 8th module entitled ‘Personal moral beliefs and values’ of the subject “Ethical issues in nursing practice’ block 3. Values are belief about the worth of something, about what is important. They are also standards or principles that we hold in high regard. Whatever we hold so dear to us can be said to be our value. When as individuals, we consider some qualities to be of worth, and we attach importance to them, that could be said to be our values. Individuals are not born with values, values are learnt, developed and are greatly influenced by the environment, family and culture. There are about three kinds of values; - PERSONAL VALUES: This represent conception of the meaning of…show more content…
5.4 CURRENT RESEARCH: Unlike many professionals who work in careers as bankers or in thousands of other professions, we are nurses. We do not just perform tasks or provide services, we serve in different capacities, but at the center we share similarities because we are connected through the professional core values that we share. Nurses are caring people, we promote healing, and nurses are flexible, courageous, most trusted, multitasking extraordinaire, energetic and committed because of the core values which we share (Bratianu,2008). From a study carried out to measure professional and personal values among nurses, 323 Israeli nurses were the participants. The three fundamental professional nursing values of human dignity, equality among patients and prevention of suffering were rated first. Altruism and confidentiality were not highly rated, while health promotion and nursing research were rated among the last three professional values…show more content…
A patient’s bill of rights is a list which contains some guarantees for people that are receiving medical care. The bill was presented by the American Hospital Association with the aim that it will contribute to more effective care. Patient’s bill of right among other things ensures patients information, fair treatment and autonomy over any other decision by health care providers. The uses of bill of rights in clients care cannot be overemphasized. Firstly, it assures sense of fairness in health care system because one major goal is to meet patients’ needs. Again, it empowers patients to seek consultation with the physician of their choice and to play an active role in staying and getting healthy More importantly is the fact that it gives patients a way to solve any problems that they may have. 6.1 PERSONAL CONTEXT I feel that patients have the right to considerate and respectful care; bill of right is an impetus to this assertion. I strongly belief that nurses should be conversant with the elements of bill of right and work in tandem with such while discharging their professional

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