Nurse Observation

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Personal observations during the interview
We interviewed two candidates which is candidate A and candidate B to fill the position as a nurse. During the interview we observed the candidates in different perspectives. Both candidates provided us different answers based on their knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities. So we compared between the two interviewees and observed on which of them is suitable to fill the vacancy. The similarities of the candidates both were ready to be interviewed and they were dressed up properly for an interview and most importantly candidates were very confident and not nervous during the interview that shows they have a strong personality which is really significant for being a nurse because this position
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The outcome of hiring local people has a huge impact in different aspects for example, emiratization process which is providing jobs for Emiraties meaning that it is supporting nationals to work also reduces the unemployment rate of local people in the country which having more local employees in the workplace. Focusing on career development for locals in which they plan and work to acquire new abilities, capacities and experiences and making sure everyone has a career path in the advance of industry or workplace. There is a higher probability somebody at the present job has beforehand worked with local initiates, making a social fit more probable. However, hiring local employees has an advantage to the company for example language which is an easy way to communicate with each other also employees will feel comfortable while interacting with their colleagues. Another important point is the culture local employees are more familiar to their own culture they have the knowledge about the values, norms and local employees will know how to behave between each other either male or female employee since they are living under the same principles and beliefs. On the other hand, there are disadvantages when an organization tend to hire a hundred percent all local employees in one place it leads to a little diversity in the workplace which means little ideas provided and a limitation in discovering the…show more content…
By hiring foreigners it would bring different information that has not been shared before also exposure to different culture so basically each employee would introduce their values and norms to their colleagues and create an environment of mixed culture within the organization and exposure to different materials also ways of doing business. There are different advantages of hiring a foreign employee sometimes it is cheaper to hire them but of course depending on the job position and also foreign labor are more likely prepared to do jobs that local employees refuse to do it. On the other hand, there are disadvantages as I mentioned that foreign workers tend to be cheaper but cost to bring the employees to the country is expensive. For example, paying a lot to keep them in the country including fees of pay housing. Additionally, some foreign workers might need a lot of trainings for them to have a good performance and meeting the organizational goals. Moreover, role or vacancy is available to local employees but the organization still hire a foreign one so that means it is impeding the nationalization of organization which is stopping the Emiratization process and not supporting the unemployment rate. Getting a foreign increases the employment rate. Additionally, this disadvantage can be a major affect to an organization when the local employees

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