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Personality Check

For year’s scientist have wondered how your personality is generated. Some scientists have even spent their whole life researching and observing the development of your complex personality. There has been a great deal of information obtained on this topic, and the many phases and factors that are involved. You actually continue going through the phases until the day you die. According to the American Psychological Association, the word personality is defined as, "something referred to our individual differences in characteristics patterns of think, feeling, or behaving." Laurie Sue Brockway says the word personality is, "The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character."
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Keep in mind every child is different, therefore it might begin to develop at an earlier age. According to some researchers, your personality stops forming when you reach adolescence. This idea can bring up arguments among them, because other researchers believe that during your adolescence stage is the most crucial part of its development. I believe that the its development continues throughout your whole life. If you think about it, when you're going through your high schools years you tend to change your appearance, the things you do, and sometimes the way you speak. You do this because you are influenced by the people around you. The other factors that can affect your personality are you parents, culture, life experiences, genetics, the thing you read, therapy, coaching, spiritual training, and major events. Both good and bad. Surprisingly, your parents actually have the most influence on…show more content…
The first one is paranoia. This disorder can cause a person to feel like everyone is out to get them, and that they hate them for no reason. This causes the person effects to withdraw from all social interactions. The second one is called schizoid personality disorder. This cause one’s self to isolate themselves and to avoid people. It is even said that people who isolate them self are more likely to die at an early age. The next disorder is almost the same as the last one, and it is referred to as antisocial personality disorder. The only difference is that this disorder make the person diagnosed not care about other. The person diagnosed does not care about others thoughts and feelings, and sometimes they can even use people they are close to for their own personal gain. It’s extremely hard to tell whether you are true friends with someone with this disorder, due to the fact that they might be using you behind your back. The forth disorder is borderline personality disorder. This makes the person have unstable emotions, and random mood swings. The fifth one is histrionic personality disorder this makes a person overly dramatic. This information was confirmed through the online Psych
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