Gender Differences In Social Work

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Please describe your personal perspective and values about people who are different from yourself. This could include differences of race/ethnicity, culture, spiritual tradition, age, (dis)ability, socio-economic status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Please provide at least one example when you would put these values in action.” I am an open minded and nonjudgmental person. I personally feel you cannot be in the social work field if you are judgmental person. My position as being a case worker and now a supervisor has grown me a person. I have seen a lot and dealt with a lot of people who are unaware of how their words can be hurtful and affect the outcome of their cases. I treat everyone on the same. There is no one better…show more content…
I had already braced myself before going out to the residence that the client and family may be prejudice. Regardless I had to do my job and make sure the client needs were met. As I got closer to the residence, I observed three women come out of the home. I overhead the elderly woman says, “Who is that nigger coming up to my house.” I said to myself wow and I proceed to the home. I introduced myself and the agency and advised why I was there. The elderly woman ended up being the client. I got what information I could obtain and did my investigation and closed the case. I did document in the case records that the client wants a Caucasian male or female coming to her home. I got the pleasure as a case worker to investigate a physical neglect, mental health neglect and physical abuse case regarding a 66 year old male who was diagnosed with Dementia, Malnutrition, AIDS w/advanced Dementia, Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep Disturbance. The client had a history of methamphetamine abuse and history of head injuries due to physical abuse by his partner. The client was living alone due to his significant other being arrest for elderly abuse of the client. The client has significant short-term memory issues which…show more content…
Johnson is an elderly woman receiving dialysis three times a week, whose husband of 50 years recently died. Before Mr. Johnson's death, the two were living in their home, where they had lived for decades. Mr. Johnson drove Mrs. Johnson to dialysis and everywhere she wanted to go. The couple had a very traditional marriage with a specific division of labor. Mrs. Johnson was in charge of the home and all of the basic domestic needs of the family. Mr. Johnson had the role of being a provider and protector for his family. After Mr. Johnson passed away, the charge nurse in the dialysis clinic approached the social worker saying the social worker needed to find Mrs. Johnson a nursing home to move into as she cannot live alone, can't pay her bills, and can't drive. How would you (as the social worker) respond to the nurse's request? This is currently an example of the cases we deal with on a daily basis. The first thing you have to try is least restrictive. I have a conversation with Mrs. Johnson and see if she is willing to go into a facility. You have to let the client be a part of the service plan. I will verify if Mrs. Johnson has the capacity to make her own decision and level of care from her primary care physician. If she has the capacity and Mrs. Johnson is now willing to go into a facility. I will speak with Mrs. Johnson to see if she has any children or family to assist with care and if she does see if someone could move in with her to provide care. I

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