Personal Philosophy Essay: My Philosophy To Life

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Philosophy is used by humans to seek knowledge and provide answers to our questions about what surrounds us. Philosophy may be many things, but one thing is for sure, it can dictate our behavior. Philosophy can influence an individual by providing guidelines to what the individual might seek from life. I believe there are too many variables that affect what path a person takes in life, but for sure that person has some sort of guideline or final goal. Behind that person there is a philosophy as to why certain things need to be done in a specific way. I hate to be vague, but since I am like no other person, and no other person is like me, it would be impossible to know a person’s philosophy to life. I for one do know my philosophy to life, in the…show more content…
The few things that are in my control are the best parts of my life. I do not believe that it is the best possible life for me because I am capable of so much more. I feel stuck at times, I want more self-improvement, fix family issues, earn higher pay, excel in school. It does not happen at times and degrades my mental state into thinking that I cannot achieve what I want. Through and through I stick to my goals and live my life to the best possible within my grasp. I dare to even say that the world might be a better place if other people lived life like I do. Not because I want to achieve more, and other people should too, or because I am cynical and want them to be as miserable as I can be. However, I am accepting of what I have and grateful for it and if more people were like that it is possible that the world be a more peaceful place than it is now. Maybe I am not looking at the whole picture, but the way I see it, people’s greed can obstruct their happiness and cause sadness within others. I am happy with life because there will be a time where it improves, but patience is a virtue and its true that the world needs some spare

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