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TEMIMA MAYER LIFE ORIENTATION MISSION STATEMENT AND PERSONAL PHILOSPHY PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT: I aim to live my life with integrity, respect and acceptance in order to be a positive force in the lives of others, without compromising myself. I hope to achieve this with a positive outlook on life, making the most of each moment. I realise there is more to people than what meets the eye and I hope to dig a little deeper to find the beauty that lies within them. I strive see the bigger picture and remind myself that my life is not random and everything happens for a reason. PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY “Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is youer than you.”- Dr Suess. This quote is stenciled on the wall in my…show more content…
I have grown to understand that my values are a result of my experiences and people in my life and therefore aim to surround myself with people that will influence me positively. My family have always taught me to stay strong in what I believe in and encourage me to be open and honest. They have impacted the way I respond to my experiences as I always receive advice and support from them. I feel a basic responsibility to honour and respect the people in my life. In life I will come into contact with different people all the time, they will have varying beliefs, interests and outlooks. Respecting people is the key ingredient for creating deep relationships and close connections. I believe in treating others with the same courtesy and dignity that I…show more content…
I can always find something else to do whenever I know I should exercise. I recognize exercise is very important and that emotional well being includes regular body movement but it is something I find very difficult to get myself to do. I cannot be true to myself without including this paragraph in my personal philosophy. Being more active is something I wish to work on. My dream is to take a gap year and discover the world and broaden my horizons, but at the same time remain true to my values and integrity. I aim to find the balance between being adventurous, inquisitive and curious without being reckless and self destructive. I want to be able to be cautious but still take risks. I desire to be proud and satisfied with the mirror image of my life and keep building a good character. I know that I will discover new aspects of myself as I grow from being a teenager to a young adult. Some aspects of myself I will love and others I won’t like at all. I want to be able to be forgiving of myself which will help me to be forgiving of others. I hope to accept my own human failings and realise that failure is what moves us and inspires us to do more. It is not supposed to break me but rather show me how strong I am. Failure is not a reason to hate and shame myself or others. I would like to grow stronger with each accomplishment and even stronger with every
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