Personal Philosophy Of Nursing Research Paper

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing My personal philosophy of nursing is not as concrete as I believe it will be in the coming months of nursing school. I do not have the skills yet to be competent and confident in nursing but I have the compassion and passion to learn everything I can. But, I do know what drew me to nursing in the first place. I have a strong desire to help people and possibly make a positive impact on their lives. I want to advocate for the patient and be a voice when it is needed and warrantied. My values and beliefs align with the metaparadigm concepts of nursing and how I plan on practicing after I graduate. Person As a nurse it is my job to treat the person,…show more content…
An 80 year old will have a different definition of health than a 20 year old but may still be considered very healthy for their age. A person with an auto immune disease may not be typically considered healthy but may enjoy a long and successful, life in spite of their diagnosis. Nursing is the last concept and one which envelopes all of these together. Nursing Nurses are the people who actually interact with the patient the most and carry out the orders and procedures that the doctor has ordered. They are well trained and most communicate well and be able to instruct and teach the patient what care is needed after they are discharged. It is important that the nurse be genuine and compassionate to have a successful relationship with the patient. Conclusion These four concepts help the nursing profession to fully impact the patient and encourage a honest relationship and recovery. As a nurse we can make patients feel that we care about them, their health and wellbeing. We can empower them to manage their own health if we can incorporate all of these components into their care. My own personal philosophy will be a constant work of progress as I mature in my field but I will always remember how privileged I am to be able to assist people at their time of need and when they may be at their most
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