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Task One: Personal Mission Statement I aim to live each and every day with determination, selflessness and an unimpeachably happy mindset, so that I will always know that I am a strong person who can achieve my goals as well as be grateful for who I am. I strive for success and I aim to truly appreciate every day and to give back as much as I can. I will do this by dedicating myself to my work and the things in life that are truly important to me so that I can live each day to its full potential. Task Two: Personal Philosophy When I was eleven was old, we were told to write ‘what we wanted to be when we grew up.’ I stared blankly at the white piece of paper my teacher had handed me. I clutched the pen creating stipple smudges from where I had begun to write. At the age of eleven I was an adamant reader with a passion for English, but for the first time I was lost for words. I remember scanning the room and seeing all the other children writing words like ‘doctor’ and ‘lawyer’ on their pages. I was terrified that I had no answer for the question. I had recently read a book from the Harry Potter series and had asked my mother to explain a word. I had become very fond of this word even though I don’t think I fully understood it’s meaning at the age of eleven. At the bottom of my page I scribbled the word ‘selfless’. The person I have become…show more content…
But I do believe I have good and honest intentions. I strive to act in a manner that is humble and honest. I aim to be caring and grateful for all that I have and all that I can give. I desire to incorporate acts of humility into my life, because I believe the traits of being a good person are the strongest and most crucial values that a person can have. Being a good person and feeling like an honest and caring person amounts to great happiness which is my largest goal in life. I aim to seek happiness and optimism in the small things in life. So that I can seize and appreciate every

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