Personal Political Philosophy Examples

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Ghazal Hashemipour
Personal Political Philosophy Paper:

I believe that most of my political ideologies are closely associate with the Democratic Party. For instance, I strongly support abortion, stricter gun background checks, better education, use of alternative energy, promotion of welfare, the expansion of social security, and a better immigration system. Thus, I believe that it’s plausible for a body of government to have enough control to make sure that the society is fair to everyone and not just a privileged group of people. (to control individual greed) Among all of the important issues that a government needs to take care of, personally the issues of abortion, alternative energy, and promotion of welfare are the most important to me.
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Wade, women had to risk their lives, go under unsupervised methods in order to end an unwanted pregnancy. Now decades after the supreme court decision of Roe V. Wade, Republicans want to criminalize abortion and force those who want it to do it illegally, and thus throwing women back to the decades when they had to fatally suffer from anti-abortion pills. As a democrat I want to uphold the decision of Roe V. Wade and expand women’s health care. I would increase fund to clinics such as Planned Parenthood and make sure that congress will not use it as a way to shut down the government. The funding won’t be easy, that is why I plan on cutting in half the 600 billion budget dedicated to the military, which is more than any other country on this world. In both cases the money is taking away lives, so why not have the money spent on the less fortunate women and their

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