Personal Pollution: The Causes And Effects Of Personal Pollution

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The first thing that many people think of when hearing “personal pollution” is smoking or using illegal drugs, and although these are actually examples of personal pollution, they’re not the only examples, in fact, there are many things that we do in our everyday lives that harm us greatly without us realizing it and count as personal pollution. We go out during the day, sit out under the sun, trying to get the ideal skin tone, the bronze skin tone, then we cover up our flaws and enhance our features with some cosmetic products. That all sounds normal, and it is, however, not many people acknowledge or even know that simple fun activities such as tanning and applying cosmetic products, can be very harmful and result in dangerous diseases such as skin cancer and breast cancer. Before we get into the awareness part, lets try to see the roots of these activities, where and how they came to be, because to be aware of something, we need to deeply understand it. Nowadays, tanning is an activity that is performed by almost everyone, and it usually results in the ideal bronze skin tone, if not the unfortunate red burn for some people, but have you ever wondered where this activity came from, how was it popularized, and when? We had these questions when we started, but as we researched, we found very interesting facts. In the past, to be more precise, during Ancient Egypt and until the 18th and 19th century, the pale skin, unlike today, was the ideal skin tone that

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