Explain The Challenges Of Personal And Professional Development

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Personal and Professional Development
4.1 Challenges
There were various challenges faced during my five months of internship at RWS. The main challenge I faced while being in-charge of BOH logistics was the lack of urgency various department has when asked about the logistical requirements. For example, the creative department was late in confirming the design and type of the wishing tags. Therefore, we were given 5 days to prepare 7000 wishing tags. This was due to the oversight of the creative department as they did not carefully plan this activity involving the wishing tag. A solution to this problem is to plan earlier so that there will be time for execution. Therefore, it is important for the production management department to have constant update from the various departments to ensure there is progress.
Subsequently, being a part of an inaugural event resulted in many complications. The
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Each event requires at least one PM and one PA. I feel that the manpower is sufficient for all the events in RWS including mega events in USS like HHN and Christmas. Hence, workload will be spread across equally for each PM and PA. Furthermore, RWS is a well-established company and there are specific procedures for everyone to follow. My department has been following the standard of procedures which has managed to produce many successful shows like HHN. For example, the administrative paperwork is effective is allowing various department to be aware of the work that is being carried out in the resort. Therefore, the company is very structured which allows the department know what is needed to be done to execute a successful event. Additionally, the department’s senior production manager, my company supervisor has a participative management style. Hence, there is a lot of trust place in the employee which allow for a pleasant working environment where everyone has a say in

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