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The current report will illustrate the process of personal and professional development that I have encountered in my profession in strategic management and leadership. I will explain the learning and professional development process that I have encountered in pursuing my career. I will explain how the professional development plan has enhanced my achievements in strategic management and leadership course that I was enrolled. The professional development will also explore the role of strategic managers and leaders in delivery of services to organisations. In addition, it will explain the essential skills that I have acquired throughout the course. It will address the process of skills acquisition as well as the application of these skills…show more content…
As the human resource manager or leader, one is expected to undertake a strong personal development process. This process helps in identifying personal SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) that reviews once capabilities and weaknesses. In addition, the student is required to develop crucial skills that help them in achieving the professional and personal development expectations. According to the study conducted by Armstrong (2009), Human Resource Management are expected to develop personal development skills that equip them in performing their roles as managers or leaders in an organisation. From the personal skills assessment, I have identified a number of crucial skills that will enable me in developing an effective personal approach to my classmates (colleagues) as well a as the tutors…show more content…
I am able to listen despite the situation and determine the best possible path for resolution. Willingness to listen to others has portrayed a sense of maturity that has also worked positively on my personal image and confidence. The magnitude of the differences is not too heavy to withdraw for a listening person. The outcome of listening to others depend on the approach. Different people require different skills. For example, from the class discussion I learnt that one could not use the same approach used in a peer to his /her boss. This means that I would use a different approach to different people. From the class discussion, I have learnt that there is a need for a compromising situation especially where the differences caused violence or destruction. For excellent conflict resolution and approach, both sides should have time express their opinions on the differences occurring. For the success, there is a need for mutual respect among the employees and management. The emotional energy towards an issue is therefore preserved. The framework created through the discussions would now help me out in the solution provision to a challenging situation. I applied the argumentation and reasoning after which they appreciate me in helping them out resolve issues whenever we meet. I have used the listening skill that I learnt successfully in many more instances

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