Personal Statement: My Twisted Profile

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My confirmed profile is INFJ this means that in business and school I work best when being alone and spend a great time focusing on the essentials. I am the kind of student who prefers one-to-one discussions over large group discussions. In fact, determined and passionate, creativity, insightfulness, inspiring, convincing, decisive are my stronghold qualities while sensitivity, extremely private perfectionistic, always need to have a cause, can burn out easily all in one constitute my weaknesses. By the way, Enock Jean Pierre is my opposite profile, his profile type is ISTP. An ISTP type person is one who works best in a large group and the person uses his five senses to analyze what is being learned. As strength, he is optimistic and energetic that means an ISTP person is someone who is positive and confident while being…show more content…
As a matter of evidence, I did not have self-awareness at the time I thought being intellectually intelligent while I was not emotional intelligent. Consequently, I was not able to manage my emotions according to how I had to do it. Otherwise, some would say I could control my emotions. In addition, I was still struggling to motivate myself. Although I was empathic but then I could have been more empathic if I could manage my emotions in the past, thus Goleman was going to further say, “…; empathy appears an essential step in fostering altruism and compassion. One question, then, is the extent to which cultivating abilities like empathy and self-awareness fosters a positive ethical outlook.” (Goleman, 1995-1998, p.26) As a result, I could have been handled my relationships more effectively and more efficiently for better achievement in both my personal and professional

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