Personal Profile Essay

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My character strengths are shown through the construction of my LinkedIn profile. One of my strengths is my kind, compassionate and self-less characteristic, which is portrayed in the volunteer section in my profile. The type of activities where I have been self-less is when I gave up my time to sell roses to raise money for people living with Cystic Fibrosis. In addition to this point, the way I have constructed my profile demonstrates how my volunteer and work experience shows how I value people and I am self-motivated to complete any part of my job. My job allows me to help clients see a psychiatrist promptly. Another strength in my LinkedIn profile is my summary statement. My kind, compassionate and selfless attributes are particularly evident in my summary statement. It allows other people to understand how I use my goals and values to make my decisions about my volunteer and work experience. Therefore, all of these life experiences show that my character strengths are based on the way I have…show more content…
This process of understanding who I am, allowed me to realise that I want to become a clinical psychologist. I developed a clear plan for my volunteer and work experiences and how this has contributed to my skill level. I realised that I wanted to become a clinical psychologist because I want to focus on making effective connections and establish a professional relationship with my future clients. I hope that by establishing a professional connection with my client I would be able to help them with their mental health problems. I wanted to use my ideologies to determine my future direction and I want to keep it aligned with my goals. I know I wanted this job because I wanted to find an area that will allow me to be of service to my community. Therefore, the process of creating my LinkedIn profile has allowed me to understand my goals and values
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