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Communication Profile I completed my personality assessment and found it quite enjoyable. My personality type was referred to as “The Consul” or also ESFJ-A. My individual traits included being 81% extraverted, 59% observant, 61% feeling, 78% judging, and 64% assertive. My personality assessment concluded that I had a strong organization skills, go all out to meet my responsibilities, treasure stability and security, and are great team players. My weaknesses included being influenced by social status, narrow minded when it came to socially acceptable mannerisms, struggle to be creative, vulnerable to criticism, provides attention to others who may not welcome it, and fish for compliments at times. Consuls like to have responsibilities in relationships and are lead through tradition with gender roles and acceptable activities. They are very affectionate and loyal. In friendships, consuls are very social. They have a large circle of friends. They are loyal to friends and stick with them through anything. As parents, consuls are very loving and dedicated to their children. They try to provide for their children and make their children feel happy. They struggle with their children establishing independence. It stated that careers such as administrators, teachers, medical care and social work are great fits with established routines, hierarchy, and authority characteristics in the work force. Overall, consuls need to build upon their weaker traits and skills. They are great

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