Personal Pronoun In Vietnam

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Abstract Nowadays, English becomes the common language used for the globe. Therefore, it is taught for students early from nursery school to university. In fact, with the expansion of globalization and increasing advanced technology, people themselves are asked for knowing the foreign language namely English to meet their demands. In Vietnam, the demand of learning English is higher and higher, which is illustrated through more and more English centers introducing and a lot of people going abroad for education. Basically, like all other languages, because of the language barrier, English causes some problems about grammar. Especially, personal pronoun is the overriding element in daily communication. However, it is the fact that whist learning English and Vietnamese, students and foreigners have a huge trouble in using and translating personal pronouns. However, learning English is easier and easier due to applying a lot of effective teaching methods, which is thanks to linguistic contrastive, particularly contrastive comparison. Introduction The important thing is that step- by- step English is indispensable part of society, especially for young people in the industrialization and modernization. Therefore, to foster the basic knowledge for student, personal pronoun has been brought into one of the first lessons. Simply, the Personal pronoun is used very frequently in school as well as in other contexts in daily life. However, personal pronoun is usually puzzled for both

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